Looking for a developer to write a custom code for homepage video play function

Hi there,
I’m looking for a web developer to create a custom code for a homepage panel video play function.

Here’s the reference: https://wearemucho.com/

I want the video to play as a background video (without music), once the user clicks the play button, in the same panel, the video starts playing (with music, start beginning). Then click the video, there’s a pause function.

These simple code should help you, to play/pause the video.

    $("#video_player video")[0].currentTime = 0;
    $("#video_player video")[0].play();

    $("#video_player video")[0].pause();

For hide/show you can use Webflow’s interactions.

If you still need help then let me know.

Hello @Cindy_Zheng

I am interested and would like to assist you, i have shared you an PM please check.