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Looking for a ADVANCE interaction freelancer

Hi from time to time I’m having problems with this hero interaction on SAFARI (words overlapped).
Looking for an ADVANCE interaction that can catch the error asap.
Thank you!
Captura de Pantalla 2020-10-01 a la(s) 10.26.47|690x479

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Hope you are doing well.

Can we discuss further about your requirement?
I request you to reach me over email: or Skype me: live:lauren_8606 to discuss your requirement more precisely.



Thank you for your responses, I want to pause this thread while I sort freelancer answers… :pray:

Did you try to change line height ? May be this works

Hi Lauren, thank you for your reply.

Do you do design to webflow?


yea design and develop in webflow

Nice, what are your rates from design to webflow?


Try giving the parent Div a width size, or add size value to the text element. None of them have a value set.

Thank you I’ll try it :pray:

depends on design totally