Looking 4 Design Feedback On Homepage

This site isn’t complete. Just front-end.
(I’ll post again, and update this post when it is)

This is a Jewelry Website In Progress being built by us at webflowdeveloper.com

I’m sharing this link here in hopes of design feedback from the community.
Ideas, critiques, and thoughts for the homepage are most welcome. It’d be cool to dream up some different IX2 stuff for the homepage as well. Everything else is still under construction, but ideas are welcome.

Design Link

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@Scott_Van_Zandt … Dude love the site… really really nice! First… I would add more whitespace between each section… around 300px between each to let the content have its own light to shine… plus it will allow the user to absorb the great layout and design you’ve created.

  1. The parallax is spot on… I really enjoyed the subtle movement on scroll… for these effects increase the “smoothing interpolation” so when you scroll the element effect sort of keeps sliding after the user finishes scrolling. This is why I think adding a lot more spacing would give you the really cool scrolling factor you’re looking for.

  2. The hero section is great… just make it full vh and have the view categories, ring and about carrolls, show up just above the viewport.

  3. Only other thing I could offer is… now it’s my own preference because I’m a technical writer by trade :-)… It’s hard to get caught up in adding a header image to each page (rings, jewelry, other, etc). But I’ve found you really don’t need another big image on all these pages… because a user that goes to any other page like this has obviously found your homepage appealling enough to stay. They will be clicking these pages to find the info they’re looking for… not necessarily to see another big image. It gets to the point quicker.

Similar to one of my sites for a trainer I’m still working on: https://christisimmons.com

I gave a graphic on the How To Choose… but after that I want them clicking products.

Especially on Ecommerce sites… you want the user to get to the “Product Detail” page as fast as possilbe right? So in here, there’s a Super Clear message with fabulous images… take them to product details as quickly as possible… and save your other big images for:

Giving Back
And maybe Media Partners

But History could easily start as a timeline graphic with scrolling effects, Services could use hover grid and Contact starts with a header description, 1 or 2 sentence and get the form.

Well bud… that’s about it… I don’t think you need any other advice on this design… great work!

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Thanks for all the feedback Gary! We put it to use :slight_smile: