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Long time webflow users: are we experiencing a tipping point?

So I’ve been using webflow since around 2015. If I remember correctly, I think only a few months after I started using it the CMS was introduced. I was fairly new then so wasn’t paying to much attention to chatter about webflow at the time so not sure if similar to what is happening now happened then.

But within the past couple of months, I’ve noticed what I think maybe a tipping point in the design community when it comes to webflow. I follow a good amount of well known designers / developers on twitter and it seems I’m seeing more and more of them giving webflow a try.

Has anyone else noticed this?

I’m sure part of it is the outgrowth of some strategic partnerships with youtubers like ran & charlie, and being featured on shows like sketch together and being built with it. and dan petty with the epicurrence site being built with webflow (i think…memory is a little fuzzy lol but i do know he has mentioned webflow quite a few times on twitter) Plus the introduction of e-commerce. etc etc etc.

It’s pretty exciting times. I’m looking forward to this surge of interest and the new sites and integrations that are inevitable as more folks jump on board.

On another note, am I the only one who cringes every time I see someone refer to webflow as a WYSIWYG lol every time I see it my old dreamweaver days pop in my head and I’m like…this is so not that lol


Webflow is the tool of the future!

Yeaaa, Webflow is not a WYSIWYG :smile: It’s a pro design tool and you need some html/css understanding.

all. the. time.

But it makes sense since it’s the easiest reference point for people who have never used Webflow before.

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I think VISUAL DEVELOPMENT ENVIRONMENT sounds better :smile:

What you see is what you get.

In some ways we are the most WYSIWIG tool, when you place a div you get a <div> </div>