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Long link doesn't reflow in mobile view

Hey guys,

My client pasted a long php link into the rich text via editor and it created an ugly stretch on the right side in mobile view, which breaks up the page width.

I understand that it is better to use link tool within editor and I have already reminded my client of that but I still think this is a strange bug. It doesn’t seem to happen with another long link just below it


Here is my site Read-Only: LINK
Please go to Events and then find Pondicherry event

Hi @radmitry ,

Thanks for posting about this text wrapping issue. This definitely sounds like strange behavior.

When did it start occurring? Can you please let me know on which page/element you are seeing this issue?

Thanks in advance.

Hi Brando, I have only noticed it the other day, though we haven’t posted php links before.

Here is the exact page, the problem occurs in mobile layout


Thanks for sharing that information @radmitry

After speaking with the team on this a bit more, this is expected behavior. Any long string of text that doesn’t have a space will not wrap to the next line.

For this specific link, are you able to use a hyper link? If not, you can also try using a url shortener like

I hope this helps!

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Sure, we will use hyper or shorten it, just wanted to make sure it’s not a bug.


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