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Logo shrinks when I publish


As soon as I publish my site, I see the logo in the top left corner automatically shrink to a microscopic version of itself. I have tried a set size, a % value, and tried separately managing the image and the link block that it’s within.

This is a big issue as my brand is now live and my business is receiving visitors and users.

I would appreciate any insight into how/why this may be happening and how I can resolve.



Here is my site Read-Only: LINK
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can you post your live link as well please.

@Quinn_Cosgrave - you’ve set your logo to have a max width of 20%, which is referencing the width of the parent element. So if the parent element is 400px, the max width of the logo is 80px.

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Thanks sam-g for replying, just noticed if you view the breakpoints how the sizes change.
Pity the preview didnt show the desktop as bad as the published.
Not tested your reply but it makes perfect sense to me. :wink: