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Logo Picker Tool For Client Designed In Webflow

The Goal of this was to create a way that I could display Logo options & Logo Color options during the design phase. This site is outfitted with a logo to be used with a current client RelCore Manufacturing.
I use this to let them pick which color they like. I find it demonstrates value. Let me know your thoughts!


Very cool! Great idea! :grinning::blush::smile::wink:

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Great idea :slight_smile: I still have in my plans to use effect when users can change the color of some object, which I saw on the old Webflow Symbols site ( )

Can imagine how cool it would be with yours


Thank you so much! That would be amazing! Maybe users could select the color by clicking a link block or by building it using interactions.

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Very cool idea! I’d definitely take your idea with me in future logo design projects! (I love tools…and this is a good showcase tool :slightly_smiling:

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Thanks Steven! I’m glad I could pass on my idea :smile:


@Scott_Van_Zandt this is so cool! Excellent way to get feedback quickly & easily. Maybe add a button to make the feedback form field expand below each logo when the logo is clicked rather than sending them to a different page? I love this idea :smiley:

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Great use of Webflow as a feedback mechanism, @Scott_Van_Zandt! Might just have to do a write-up on the Webflow blog!


@Waldo Thanks Waldo!
I love the interaction Idea.

I’ve been using this to walk clients through brochure designs as well using a flip book type structure on the site.

After sharing this Tool and receiving feedback on the color variations from various Webflow members, I realized that this could also be used as a tool to gain feedback from the web design community not just your client(s). You could even choose to share the number of “Votes” each color option got from the web design community on the site in order to help your client make decisive design decisions.

I wonder if by pushing ourselves to think creatively in terms of client communication if we can create a design process using Webflow that is actually intuitive to extract our clients ideas. :smiley:


@Scott_Van_Zandt Great idea! :grinning::yum:

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I really appreciate it! It really is such a simple idea yet I think it could be powerful and have many other applications if other members start considering this as a way to professionally display different deliverables for clients as well as gain feedback from your client and your online community members.
For example: If you were creating a brand for a client you could display all deliverables and their style guide write-up using Webflow, using a simple forum block and Zapier you could easily implement input fields to push information to your CRM (ie. Salesforce) and log your clients feedback automatically.

I think a Webflow blog write up on this could be great!! I would love to help in any way I can.

Webflow rocks!

  • Scott
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I also was thinking of showing the logo on a black background on hover using interactions or inverting the colors.

Then when the logo is clicked the client could leave feedback.

You Rock Vlad! :grin: :yum: :smile::wink:

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@Scott_Van_Zandt It’s to bad we can only like a post once. Here are all the other likes that are missing. :heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart:

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Exactly! I’d love to collaborate with you on this. Want to start outlining a post?

@jmw Yes, I would love to!
I will go ahead and create a collaborative Google Doc for us to work on.
If you could, contact me at:

I look forward to hearing your ideas!

  • Scott

Results are in! Thanks for all the feedback!
You all have helped me to further automate my design process.
Tahiti Gold seems to be the overall most popular color out of 18 votes.

1- Vote - Ocean

2 Votes - Macaw

4 - Votes - Tiger

5 - Votes - ThunderBird

6 - Votes - Tahiti Gold