Logo Only Appears on First Page

Hi Everyone!

I’m having an issue with my header. I have a logo on the left side of the header that links to the homepage. When I’m on the homepage it’s visible:

When I’m on any other page it’s not visible:

The code for the header is:

And here’s my view-only link:


I’ve been looking at it and tried a few things and am not sure what to do. Any ideas? Thanks in advance for all the help!


This is happening because you applied the styling to the logo while it was under the 'Current" class, meaning you are on the page where the link goes. If you remove all the styling with the ‘Current’ class selected, and style it again it will fix the issue.

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Hey Josh!

The styles you were added to Logo + Current since they were added after you selected the home page in the link settings, and you are currently on the home page.

Instead, add your styles by selecting just the Logo class.


Hey, just got around to fixing this now. Thanks so much for your help!

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