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Logo Link only works on smaller screens

I’m baffled and it’s probably something stupid-simple that I’m missing, but it’s 4am and I could use an extra pair of eyes.

The logo in my nav bar doesn’t work as a link on desktop. Works fine once I trigger the media query to show the hamburger, but just doesn’t do anything on the desktop.

Here’s the public link:

Any ideas?


Hi, I propose a solution that will fix a few things on top of your link.

You’ve altered the navbar a bit too much. Why not rebuilding it and starting again with the navbar component? That way, the Navbar element will be at the root of the site, its HTML5 tag will be proper, you’ll conserve the BRAND element to put your link and logo on.

The problem with your custom navbar is it’s embeded in a container that has no tag and the brand element vanished. It’s going to be less time consuming to redo it cleaner than to fix your custom structure.

Does this make any sense to you?

Makes perfect sense, and I had considered doing this. Will go that route, thanks for looking into it @vincent!

It happens to everyone: you design and design and test things and finally you’ve got the look you were lloking for, but your structure ends up being overcomplicated. It usually takes close to no time to rebuild it entirely, knowing where you go. You end up with a clean structure. Then, you can go to the Styles tab, list unused styles (the old ones you’ve abandonned) and clean them. This way, Webflow is kind of self cleaning.

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Just wanted to pop in here and thank you again, @vincent. Spent the last hour just redesigning a new navbar and it’s a thousand-million times better (and, you know… actually works now).

Only issue I can’t seem to figure out now is how to get the box shadow to go away on the backgrounds of my dropdown menus (class=dropdown) when the hamburger menu is triggered. It’s just not showing as even having a box shadow, even though it’s clearly there and I can access it when in the desktop media query.

Any ideas on that?

Like select the dropdown element and delete the box shadow? :- )

@vincent - that’s exactly my point. Box shadow doesn’t show up when I select that element while the non-desktop media queries are fired.

Here’s a quick screencap. Pretty sure I’m doing this the way it should be done.

You can see that, when I select the Dropdown element while in desktop view, I have no issues, can turn the box shadow on and off without a problem.

When I switch to tablet view, open the hamburger, then open the dropdown and select the Dropdown element, the box shadow isn’t there to turn off.

I added a box shadow and zeroed it, it makes the shadow go away.

Would that work for you?

@vincent yes! This did the trick, thanks so much!