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Logo is pixelated on certain computers?

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I have a temp site up (Here). On my computer the top left logo is not pixelated. It is on my client’s. That file is a PNG that is 724 x 323 size and shrunk down. Here it is as pulled up in Paint:

If I shrink a PNG, does it pixelate? Would some of you mind checking it on your computer. Client is at 1920 x 1080 as am I. Where am I wrong? Thanks.

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Yes. Resizing a PNG file will cause it to pixelate unless (I believe) you do it at exactly half the resolution. So, you’ll want to just resave it at whatever size you’re going to use it (or doubled, so you’re retina friendly).

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I second @Cricitem in their thoughts. I that is the log you plan to use, I would use SVG logos wherever possible since those types of images are vectors and not raster (as is PNG).

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A quick word of caution regarding SVG logos:

Make sure ALL text in any SVG file you use is outlined. Using non-outlined text can and will cause problems between browsers because they don’t all apply font weights equally. It’s a super annoying thing, but can be circumvented by outlining your text before creating the SVG file.


Would you guys mind checking the new logo in the Nav to see if it worked? I had to recreate a “Stand in” until I can get the actual source file from the guy that did the logo.

It’s password protected.

Yep, forgot. mtcw2017. Thanks.

It’s pixelated, but that isn’t your biggest problem.

Your biggest problem is going to be that the word “corporation” is never going to look good when the logo is that small (it may be better on a retina display). This is mainly because, even with that text being bold, it is still too light-weight to be clearly seen in that sea of black when everything is reduced down to 40px high.

I’d suggest asking for a version that basically inverts all the colors. Put “MTC” in a black box, and Corporation in black (white background) underneath it.

If you’re unable to get them to alter the logo at all, you can help alleviate the issue by making it a bit bigger. Even an increase to 60px seemed to help a little to me.

I hear you and agree, but right now, the pixelation is my biggest problem. I added an SVG. Clearly I am doing it wrong. Will a GIF pixelate if I shrink It? I appreciate the feedback. Problem is that, on my computer, it looks fine.

Any of the raster formats (jpg, gif, png, bmp) are going to pixelate when shrunk.

Do you not have a way to resize the image on your computer? I’d be happy to grab it at full size and resize it to whatever you need.

You didn’t do it wrong. It shows up fine. The issue that remains is one of design, not execution.

If you make it a bit larger, it will clear up.

What kind of computer are you using?

Just to be clear, you are saying that it is not pixelated?

It’s not as pixelated as the PNG was, but only the “MTC” is readable. If that makes sense.

You’re running into pixelation caused by the screen itself, because of how small/narrow “corporation” is.

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Right you are @Cricitem, thanks for that reminder. :v:

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