Logo in nav bar appears underlined on different pages

Hey folks! I’m currently designing a site for myself, and I’m having trouble with the logo’s appearance in the nav bar. In the designer, the logo appears floating on its own as I’d like it to be, and it appears like that on every page. However, when I publish the site and go to the live URL (https://nolan-daniels-sublime-site.webflow.io/), the logo appears underlined on every page except for the home page. I have no idea why it’s doing this, any help would be greatly appreciated.

Here is my site Read-Only:

hi @Nolandanielbusiness the reason that is not underlined is because of setting for current page. Open other page and change underline for link to none.

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OR unlink the current link for a second and then do what Stan did

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Hey Stan, I tried that and it still didn’t work sadly. The logo appears without an underline in the preview, however when I publish and go to the actual site, it’s still underlined

don’t forget to publish your changes

Yup, I did, still having the same isse! I’ve attached photos of the published website, it’s still not working.

hi @Nolandanielbusiness you have to click on borderline blue icon to see underline setting for bottom.

Hey Stan, yes I’m I aware, I promise you I’ve done that multiple times. Even to be sure, I turned underline on, set colour to transparent, and I still have the issue. The logo displays without any underline in the designer, however it does display correctly on the live site, but only on the home page. On every other page it’s underlined, and this Nav component is the same on each and every page, therefore it should be displaying consistently but its not. Please let me know if I’m missing something here because I have a feeling it’s an issue with Webflow itself.

hi @Nolandanielbusiness I see on your Read Only project you have still set on logo bottom underline. As written description didn’t help here is short video how to

I will suggest to visit WF documentation.