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Logo Changing Color on Mobile

My logo in the header navigation (and footer) is an SVG and looks fine when rendered at 2265 PX. However, when rendered on mobile (768, 568 or 320 PX) it changes colors. Here’s a quick video showing the issue. Anyone know how to resolve? Thanks in advance.

Here is my site Read-Only: LINK
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Hi @ballgame168,
may you share a live url and / or your read only link with us?

@ballgame168 your link for you logo is set to inverse on mobile in styles that is why its changing colors

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Thank you! How do I change that?

Actually I think I fixed it. Thank you for the help!

@ballgame168 if you just have to remove the inverse state on the logo link

Yep. Figured that out. Thanks again!

Your very welcome glad I could help.