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Logo/brand doesn't show up

Hi all,

New to Webflow and loving it so far - just about to sign up for a paid subscription.

I have managed to solve all my issues so far, but not this one. I’m hoping you guys can help.

I have placed my logo in the Brand space of my nav bar and it shows up in the designer the way I want, but when I view the site the logo is missing.

Another answer to a similar query suggests it’s because the image is set as a background. I didn’t sent this as a background (at least I don’t think I did - if I did could you tell me where to look to find out how to place an image in a way that isn’t a background)

Many thanks,

Here is my site Read-Only: Webflow - Kinetik test

Either give the brand link a height or remove the background image, then place an image into the link, and style as needed. Using an image is a better choice.

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Thanks, webdev. I think I got it from what you said.