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Logo being slightly clipped/cut live but not in designer

I’m noticing that on Chrome the logo of the site I am working on is being clipped on the left (screenshot). It doesn’t appear as clipped in the designer, but does via the published links. I’ve also noticed that this issue doesn’t seem to persist on Firefox or Safari. Any thoughts on what might be going on?

Published Link:
Read-Only link:

It looks like it’s the image itself to me:


When you upload an image Webflow creates different versions for different uses to optimize load times:

The smaller versions all seem to have the cut-off logo, the largest image does not:

I would just try deleting and re-uploading.

Thanks for responding, Sam! I’ve just tried this with no luck. Any other thoughts are welcome.

Just out of curiosity, do you have this logo as an svg?

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I can certainly get access to it. Great thought, I’ll reach out to the owner. Thanks!

@efburke - yea this is a weird one. I just tried removing this from the code and it solves the issue:


Which fixes the issue:


One other thought is to try to remove the width property from the image itself:


And control that with a class instead like this one: