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Dear webflow community,

I am creating a website in webflow, similar to the webflow university. It will be an educational platform with Youtube video’s that I would like to be searchable within the website, using the site search function.

Down the road, I want to create a login system that let’s users login to a personalized environment. I am aware this needs to be done with PHP and could be done if I have the website hosten on a server other than webflow’s.

My quesion: I think I understand that site search requires my website to be hosted on webflow’s servers, which I am fine with. Is this correct? And if so, can I create a login system with a database etc. when the site is on webflow?

Or do I need to find a different solution than webflow? (I really would like to use the webflow environment for the entire site)

Thank you very much for helping out.


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Hi @reradus,

Good question! Webflow will actually work great for this in combination with MemberStack, which covers all login/permissions/etc. :slight_smile: @DuncanHamra of MemberStack is active here on the forums so I’m sure you could DM him with any questions you might have, he’s great!

Hope that helps! :wave:t2:

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Thank you Stephanie, for your quick reply. I will dig in, see if this would work for me :slight_smile:

Thanks again!

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