Login and Signup page does not reach on staging url

Hi Everyone!
I create an membership page on my webflow project. Everything works fine but I can’t reacch login and signup page by staging url, it’s only reachable on production url.

Is it possible to activate it on staging url?

Hi Beril,

Membership pages should work 100% identically on webflow.io staging.

but when i enter log-in url it is redirecting to home page and the path is gone. It is not reachable even the url is webflow.io staging url

Typically that suggests you’re already logged in, so it’s redirecting you.
You’d want to log out first.

If you want, you can share your webflow.io URL and a valid login, I’ll check it out and see if I see anything weird happening. You can direct message me if you like.

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Ok i get it now. I’ve tried with different browser and I could reach it.

But i don’t understand how can i set log out option to the website?

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In the left-side elements you’ll find one called something like Log In / Sign Up. Basically, tt presents a login button when the user is logged out, and a log out button when the user is logged in.

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I guess i am blind :) I see now i have an option in add elements under the users section.
Thanks a lot!

This is a great feature that i could implement it in a few minutes. Thank you webflow!

Can I ask one more question?
I am trying to change the logout button redirection to the login page but I can’t see any option to conffigure redirection settings for this button on webflow. I’ve try to do it by Javascript but unfortunately I cannot overwrite the button default.

Is there a way to do it?

For login, you can go to the login form, select the form element and you’ll find fallback redirect settings.

I don’t know if there’s something there for logout as well, or perhaps on some part of the login/logout element.

I can’t remember the default behavior of logout, but I’ve never encountered a scenario where that’s been requested- so it’s not even a feature in my User Accounts extension libs.

SA5 is open source though, you could look at the Typescript library code and possibly do some redesign work to contribute that feature.