Logic Question: Email Validation via Magic Link

Utilizing Logic, how can one add a step in between a form submission and database entry to require a user to validate their email address (via magic link in their inbox) before the entry gets added?

Hi agarwala,

That’s a multi-step process that involves;

  1. Sending an email to an arbitrary email address
  2. Manufacturing a unique link
  3. Listening on that unique link
  4. Storing that magic link validation event somewhere

Basically this cannot be done 100% in Webflow Logic at this point.

#1 is your first problem, you’d need an outside service to do that.
#2 would usually be done using code of some sort, e.g. to manufacture a UUID. That could be done by your webpage’s client side script and then pushed into a non-visibile text input before the Logic is initiated.
#3 is a separate Logic flow. I don’t think Logic supports GET-based webhooks (?) which means you need a different approach to invoke the validate-magic-link flow. Most likely on your site that would be a separate /validate?id=UUID which then uses javascript to feeds that UUID into a second Logic flow.
#4 can probably be done using a CMS collection, if you use the UUID as your slug. Flow1 would create that record, and store the email. Flow2 would retrieve that record using the UUID, retrieve that email and then perform your insertion into the actual collection you’re wanting to use.

Hi @agarwala, yes you can do this! But not all in Logic. Is that a hard requirement?