Logic path, only users that watched the video can see a button

Hello webflow community, i have a doubt, is possible to setting up a logic path where the users can only press a button after watched a full video on the page?

Thank you all for your ideas.

Hi Roberto,

That wouldn’t be related to Webflow’s Logic feature, however you should be able to accomplish that using custom code.

What are you using to play the video?

Share your read-only project link and a published site link, I might be able to point you in the right direction on this.

Gosh, there are SO many variables that play into this and all of them are hacks (which may be okay for your needs) and most (if not all) will require a decent amount of custom code (for your logic path needs).

The basics begin with which video player are you using? Youtube? If so, you’ll be playing this game on hard mode (example).

If you want to make your life easier use something like Wista instead. But you’ll need to pay to play on that platform.

They have cool stuff like “percent watched” (and more) that most likely gets you what you need.

If your video player uses the <video> tag then you can use this <video>: The Video Embed element - HTML: HyperText Markup Language | MDN to capture events like “timeupdate” and playback has begun, video progress, etc…

I believe Vimeo can use the <video> tag.

Beyond on that, you’ll only be hiding the button, which may be good enough, but people can find it and still click it without finishing the video.

Good luck!

I am using Vimeo.

Sure, this is the read-only link:

Any idea is welcome, thank you!

Interesting information, thank you!

I am using Vimeo for host video. Let me see what i can do with the alternative that you shared me

Excellent, is this what you’re looking for?
This demo is set to make the button appear at 50% of the video watched, but can be at the very end if you want. I’d recommend 98%.



Released this to production today along with some other features.


Smart video player element;

Smart button element, which supports enable / disable-