Logic + Memberships + CMS for a client

Hi, maybe this is a difficult question, but I’d thought I would ask anyway:

  1. My client is in the " Kitchen appliances" business, so basically dryers, washing machines, dishwashers.

  2. He has mechanics that work for him on a pay-per-lead basis. - He will handle all the invoicing manually.

  3. He wants costumers to use a form, and enter data like what machine is broken, brand of the machine, preffered date of fix, location etc

  4. Every location has a different CMS page, and is only visable for mechanics manually selected to this location (using memberships)

  5. Then, this form submission gets sent to the mechanics that are in the selected area, by e-mail, but mechanics can also see it on their cms page of the selected location by customer. (using webflow memberships) (One CMS collection per Location)

I know this is all do-able using CMS, Logic, Memberships. Problem is this:

He wants mechanics to manually approve “jobs” in their area, so if they have time for it, the mechanic can click on “Accept” (While only seeing the problem the customer is facing, no location or anything) and if accepted, the job will be removed for all the other mechanics to see, so they don’t double accept, and then the mechanic that accepted the job will see full information of the job: Location, name, brand name, etc etc ( on e-mail )

Is this possible on weblow using CMS and Memberships? Especially the part of the mechanic “approving” the job, and getting the info AFTER approval, while removing the job (aka CMS page) for other mechanics?

Does anyone reccomend something else for this? I’d love to hear it.

Memberships and the CMS are not designed to support applications, so while it’s not impossible, you’d be doing a whole lot of Javascript and automation work to make this happen.

A better approach for this type of system is probably to look at Wized and Xano ( or possibly Airtable ). The main reason is the need to provide user-specific views, and track user-specific actions and data. That requires the ability to intersect your users list with your jobs list, and track information about those relationships.

The CMS just isn’t designed for that purpose.

That is (mostly) correct. More details below…

That’s a native Webflow form with only a button and some hidden form fields (no visible form fields) on a CMS template page.

Submit that form, with hidden form fields to Make, have Make update the Webflow CMS by setting (for example) an “accepted” field to “true”.

Conditional visibility that displays based on the “accepted” field.

Again, conditional visibility.

Yes, but…

…you’re life will be easier if you use the Webflow / Memberstack / Make stack instead.

All the services within that stack have a free tier for you to do some quick prototyping, validate you can accomplish the difficult parts.

That stack provides less hoops to jump through. Less custom code to write (if any). Quicker turn around times, maintainable solutions, and happier clients.

Webflow Memberships and Logic are less mature than those others and while those solutions meet a lot of needs, what you’ve described goes a bit beyond where those features are today.

I have a bunch of tutorials and screencasts at https://nocodequest.com that walk through the building blocks for solutions just like this. It’ll help.