Logic - Invite user does not accept incoming web hook Data

Hey guys,
I’m trying to get Zapier to receive the data after an order in Copecart and forward it to Webflow logic to create a user. This all works but I can’t insert the received email data in Email. At Create CMS item etc. I get the + for the email data, but not at Invite user. What is the reason for this? My guess is that Webflow does not recognize the email data as email, but only as text. How can I fix this?

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Tim Nicklas

Screenshot 2023-10-12 at 15.47.33

That aligns with many of the other limitations of Logic, it’s very strongly-typed, probably to minimize the need for conversions, formatting, etc.

Pretty much the answer is that you can’t. Logic’s webhook trigger can’t reformat, unpack, or assign types to its received data which means you cannot connect that data to much.

Your best bet is to find a way to separate your CMS and invite-user steps, and to call the Webflow API directly for the invite-user part. If you call it first, you’ll get back a userid which you can then use to create your cms item, if you’re trying to link them.