Logic HTTP Request Failing - SitePlugin Error

I keep getting “Undefined value __SitePlugin::[“Used Cars: personalize: trading-in To Text”].” on a logic flow after I select the value to include from a form submission. The input is on the website, but it keeps having a problem with dropdown selection values when those values get added to the body. I’ve gotten it to work on other logic flows, but this one just keeps failing.

The URL to a page where the form exists is below, it’s when a user clicks “Personalize my price” button.

I fixed it myself. The input fields are just buggy when making connections with the Logic flows. The way I solved this was by deleting the fields, recreating them with unique names and updating the logic flow to connect to the new input fields. I would like to see the Logic Flow connections between the inputs become less buggy so I don’t have to spend hours trying to work around the software. Assuming Logic is still in beta, I would prioritize this fix before the “real” release.

Hi Dave,

Currently running into the same issue on a client’s site - have tried to implement your fix but with no luck. Would you be able to speak through things in more detail? Please feel free to email me: tom@orsodigital.co.uk


experiencing the same issue!

For anyone still struggling with this issue, what helped was deleting all the form fields and using the values webflow auto generates, and refreshing your page. I tried for hours generating new fields and testing, but what worked eventually was me just refreshing the page.