Logic 400 Bad Request on Update CMS and HTTPRequest

I’ve been working on adding logic flows to my project which is supposed to store submitted data in CMS. I keep getting Errors (400 Bad request) in multiple steps:

The first step of creating a new CMS Item works, but then I’m trying to change a reference field that references to another collection. Before, I’ve done this in Zapier with the exact same data, and it worked, when I test it on webflow developers it works aswell. The same error appears no matter what’s in the body, and also if I change the URL directly to an item ID instead of using the form input. I wasn’t able to find anything online about the error “[http] URL’s IP address is reserved”.

I’m also getting a 400 Bad request when trying to change an item, no matter what I write into any of the fields.

Please let me know if anyone can see what I’m doing wrong!

Read-only link, in case that helps.

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I am getting the same error in logic workflow: Bad Request
Status: 400
[http] URL’s IP address is reserved: https://api.webflow.com/collections/{{cms_id}}/items

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Me too, what is happening here?

I am having the same problem.

Same for me! It’s driving me crazy… anyone found a solution? Is this an issue with the Webflow API which means we can only connect with a third-party provider?

If that’s the case all logic functionality is pretty useless…