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Logged in navbar


Can someone please explain to me how to design the navbar when a user logs in. Do you design 2 navbars and use one for when a user is not logged in and the other for logged in users, or is it just the one? For example if a users logs into the site, they are directed to their dashboard, and clicking on the brand logo should keep them in the dashboard, and not take them back to the home page.


How are you going to develop the features such as dashboard and login?

As Webflow doesn’t come with these possibilities, I understand that you are using Webflow to do the design of a site that will be developed, integrated, by others.

So in your case yes, you should/must design several versions of each page: one for the user logged out and one for when he’s logged in. Not necessarily for every page but everytime you need to show that something happens in the page when users are logged in.

That is more a design workflow advice than a purely webflow advice I guess :slight_smile:

Thanks. Will figure it out.

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