Log out Button doesn´t work

I have a problem with the logout button. Once I’m logged in I don’t see the log out button, I still see the log in button and when I click on it nothing happens, the website just refreshes to the home page, it doesn’t log me out or anything.

Haven’t received an answer for 6 days, really strong performance from the webflow team…

I have exactly the same problem. The built in login/logout button webflow has works fine on logging in, but then doesn’t change to Log Out once you’ve logged in. Really frustrating. I’ve even put the button on pages that you need to be logged in to use and it still shows the Log In button rather than a Log Out button.

@Muhamed_Ksmvc This is a community forum, not a Webflow support channel. If you want the best chance for help from the community please follow the guidelines which include a read-only, a published link, and screenshots or video to demonstrate the issue.