Locomotive Scroll elements jump around


I’m trying to use locomotive scroll. Whenever I use any negative speeds, the element jumps around. I have tried using data-scroll-target and data-scroll-position and neither work.

Thanks a lot for your help!


Remove the styling from all the main sections class page-wrapper

Hi! Thanks for your comment. I tried adding new div blocks as sections as a parent to the page wrappers and didn’t give them any styling. However, it doesn’t seem to work still.

//In Header add this link

//add this in body

Page structure should be like this

 <div data-scroll-section="''" class="scroll-section"> //its your choice use section or div but don't style this sec or div

I’m not sure I understand - it still doesn’t seem to work. What links do I need to add where? And I added what you wrote for the page structure but not sure I did it right.

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