Locate the Style Guide in LUMA Template

I am new here, and learning while doing. I purchased the LUMA template, super happy with it. Why can I not find the Style Guide? It’s part of the package, there is a link for it in the menu bar, but there is no page for it in the PAGES menu.

What am I missing?!

ALSO: Am I correct that I can select items in that style guide and edit them in the right menu, and that is how I could “style” my entire site? That is, tweak the template for my own purposes?

Here is my site Read-Only: **[LINK][1]**


It’s in the Help folder that you find in the pages menu. And for the latest question, depends on how the project is done. If classes are not consistent or style guide doesn’t include all the elements, no, you can’t really modify every style from the style guide page directly

Thank you! I neglected to acknowledge your help promptly. Cheers