Locate hidden element to amend text

Hi team! I have a branch finder that was developed externally and I am wanting to change the text on the branch pop-outs. The branch finder, developed externally, based on a CMS collection, requires a modification specifically within the pop-out that appears upon branch selection. Currently, it displays a ‘Driver Testing’ tab, and I aim to change this to be named ‘Driver Theory Testing.’ However, I’ve encountered a challenge: the element containing this text appears to be hidden within the Designer tool, making it inaccessible for direct editing.

I’ve explored the Designer interface thoroughly but haven’t been able to locate the element for the necessary text adjustment. I’m seeking guidance on how to locate and modify this particular element within the branch pop-out.

Below shows the live site and highlighted what tab I want to rename:

Below shows the designer of this page, I can’t see where to rename the tab.

Thanks so much! My read-only link is blow


Here is my site Read-Only:

[1]: Webflow - Vehicle Testing New Zealand)

Hi Nelly,

Modals in Webflow can be difficult to access because they’re often designed as interactions and are hidden in the designer view. Yours is hidden on the location-map_item element-

You’ll need to make it visible, then make your design changes, then make it hidden again in order for your map pop-up to continue working properly.

This can be fixed to be more accessible if you’ll be making changes like this later. The current design works but IMO it’s a bit fragile for a client handover. Drop me a line if you need help with that, I’m Akl-based.