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Localizejs Editor being blocked because of Content Security Policy for iFrames

Just a quick question, I am trying out Localizejs but it seems their editor is not working with webflow because of a Content Security Policy directive.

I’m sure this is so that you block people from just injecting their webflow sites into their own custom domain name so they can not pay hosting.

I’m wondering if you would be able to whitelist so that our translators can test the tool, or somehow allow this type of function if the site has a custom domain setup with you.

Here is a screenshot of the error when I try to use their in context translation tool at

It just shows up blank… and doesn’t load because of the CSP:

I’m sure a lot of people who use webflow are looking for a localization tool, and without this functionality it really detracts from the value that localizejs has to offer.

We are currently just testing localizejs but have been unable to test this part of their tool because of the restriction.

Again, this could be solved by adding to a whitelist of allowed URLs in your security policy.


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