Localized 404 shows always primary local 404

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Hi everybody :wave:

On my page I have two locals. Main local is English, the second is German. Now when I am on a German page and I type in some error in the url to provoke a 404 I land on the 404 page of the main local and not on the localized for German.

Can anyone help?
Thanks, Angelo

Interesting I hadn’t noticed that on the live site.
Aside from contacting support, the best approach is probably to create a 404 that covers all languages.

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Thanks for the fast response.
For clarification: I type in f.e. https://www.cilaros.ch/de/hlwe and I would expact to get the German 404 but what happens is, that the language switch jumps back to en and I get the English 404. So when you tested it, you would stay on the German page? I tested on several devices and cache was cleared.

No I’m getting the same behavior- ideally it would show the German 404 but it’s not.
What did support say?

Thanks for the answer, I’ll let you know when I have an answer from the support.