Localized 404 shows always primary local 404

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Hi everybody :wave:

On my page I have two locals. Main local is English, the second is German. Now when I am on a German page and I type in some error in the url to provoke a 404 I land on the 404 page of the main local and not on the localized for German.

Can anyone help?
Thanks, Angelo

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Interesting I hadn’t noticed that on the live site.
Aside from contacting support, the best approach is probably to create a 404 that covers all languages.

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Thanks for the fast response.
For clarification: I type in f.e. https://www.cilaros.ch/de/hlwe and I would expact to get the German 404 but what happens is, that the language switch jumps back to en and I get the English 404. So when you tested it, you would stay on the German page? I tested on several devices and cache was cleared.

No I’m getting the same behavior- ideally it would show the German 404 but it’s not.
What did support say?

Thanks for the answer, I’ll let you know when I have an answer from the support.

Update: The support is still delaying me with the answer, that they are looking into the problem but don’t seem to fix it. Btw. it also doesn’t work on the password page. This quite buffles me, actually that is a no go. But we will be patient :slight_smile:

@Ida_van_Jaarsveld - you seemed to be working on the localization feature