Localising Lottie Animations with Essential Localisation Plan

Hello Webflow community,

I’ve been working on a small website project for a client, consisting of approximately 7 pages. We’re aiming to make it bilingual, and after discussing with the client, we settled on opting for the Essential Localisation plan. However, I’ve encountered a bit of a roadblock regarding the localisation of Lottie animations.

From what I’ve gathered, localising images is only possible with the Advanced Localisation plan, which seems a bit restrictive, but I understand that different features come with different plans. However, I’m uncertain about the handling of Lottie animations in this context.

During my experimentation with the localisation test features available without purchasing a plan, I noticed that I could swap out the Lottie file for different locales. However, the same functionality didn’t seem to extend to images.

So, my question is: does localising only Lottie animations fall under the scope of the Essential Localisation plan, or would I need to upgrade to the Advanced Localisation plan even for this? It seems like a specific query, and I couldn’t find a clear answer in the documentation.

I appreciate any insights or clarification on this matter. Thank you in advance for your help!

If it turns out that the Advanced plan is necessary solely to adjust a handful of Lottie animations, I’m inclined to opt for the slower method of duplicating each page to achieve bilingual functionality. Investing in a localisation plan that costs more than the CMS plan just for a few animations seems like a disproportionate expense.