Loading Spinner Interactions 2.0

Hi folks,
I know this sounds really elementary, but I need to create a looping loading spinner for a prototype and it’s surprisingly hard to do. Does anyone have a quick solution using interactions 2.0?
Thanks so much!

Here is my public share link:


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Hi, @maxacademia! This got me recently and @Waldo helped me out. So credit where credit is due!

You need to remove the initial state from the first step and set the time and z rotate to 0. Then set the final transform the way you did. Boom. It spins and loops!

Here’s a vid with the steps:


Thanks so much @rileyrichter and @Waldo! That was surprisingly tricky for something that seems like it should be so easy. Regardless, that worked like a charm! Thanks for your help!


De nada, @maxacademia! Yeah, it’s funny how just a couple of little things like that can break it and keep it from looping. Good luck! Can’t wait to see the awesome site you build!

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