Loading script in seamlesss pagination (using Finsweet Attributes)

Hey Webflow Community!

I’m having trouble with the loading of custom code in my pagination.

I’m using CMS Load from Finsweet attributes to create seamless scroll.

In addition i’m also some custom code to translate the date field in my CMS to dutch. I found the code on https://pardon-my-french.webflow.io/.

The custom code works great! But i’m having trouble with the translation on the paginated content. The custom code only seems to work on the content of the first page. When a user wants to load more content items the translations stops working.

Is there a way to load the custom code on all the paginated items?

Here is my site Read-Only: (Webflow - Vaaropleidingencharter)

PS. Be aware that as this custom code uses Javascript, the results of the scrips can’t be seen live in the Designer / Read-Only. You will only see the results of the conversions and replacements on the published site.