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Loading page interactions not performing as designed

Hi all,

I’m having some issues with Interactions. I created a loading screen for a client site, because, ideally, the large images needed some time to load, without it being visible.

I did this, setting the whole section (including a logo and of course a white background behind the logo) at a high z-index, and created an Interaction to pulsate the image when the page starts loading, before turning the opacity of the image down, followed by the white background’s opacity 0.5 seconds later, once the page had fully loaded.

However, what I found was that both the image and the white background fade out at the same time on the live site, which isn’t my intention. And strangely enough, the Interaction preview displays the interaction the way I’d hoped.

I’d love some help!

Here is my public share link:

Here is the live site link:


To be honest the nature of your question eludes me. It looks like the loading animation is behaving exactly how you set it up. Or did you change something since your question was posted?