Loading page interaction question

I want wonder if this interaction is possible in WF? if yes could someone help me how to setup?


click on an artwork notice how there is an animation /motion and the web address is different?
How do I do this?

Thank you and love you guys,


You can do it with JavaScript’s history.pushState and history.replaceState.

Here is the part of the JavaScript file that should be doing it:

        s.prototype.pushState = function() {
            history.pushState(this.state, this.title, _ && "/" !== this.path ? "#!" + this.path : this.canonicalPath)
        s.prototype.save = function() {
            history.replaceState(this.state, this.title, _ && "/" !== this.path ? "#!" + this.path : this.canonicalPath)

Thank you Sam I will take a look and try to implement :slight_smile:

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