Loading Interaction Help

So I’m having issues with this site (a theme was used for this particular site) where there is this white “flash” after a page loads (when previewing the site and on the published version).

I instantly thought this must be an interaction causing it, and on each page there was a “preloader animation” symbol, which I thought was causing the white flash when loading the pages, so I removed the symbol from the home page to test it, and instead, the page still “flashes” white after loading the hero section.

I’ve checked the interactions to see what could be causing this, but feel like I must be overlooking it. I’d prefer there to be no white flash after the page has loaded.


Read-Only Version: https://preview.webflow.com/preview/instabuild-2018?preview=96b5b86cc8214afca3812496da584d12

Bump. Hoping to get help on what I think is probably a very easy thing to fix - just need to know what to remove to stop the strange “flash” that occurs after the page loads. Can’t find the interaction causing this.


I’ve attempted removing the “preloader” symbol from all pages. Inspected the interactions. I just am stuck. If anyone could take a peek, I would appreciate it! Thank you.

Nvm. I think I finally found the culprit.

@szimmerman Glad you were able to figure it out! Sorry no one was able to jump in and help before you solved it yourself. Would you still be willing to share what the issue and solution were?

The site is looking good, very professional. Especially like the touch of the scrollable portfolio screenshots. You could even remove those scrollbars inside the layout-thumbnail if you’d like to. Just target this script to just that class.


Just a thought.