Loading behavior of images within a modal with CMS content

Hello everyone,

I hope you’re doing well. I have a question regarding the loading behavior of images within a modal with CMS content.

I’m looking at this cloneable example: CMS based pop-up modals - Webflow

Are the images set with “lazy loading” within the modal loaded when they appear on the screen, or are they loaded during the initial page load?

Just to provide a bit more context, the modal is initially hidden (display: none), but has a fixed position, and it becomes visible with a fade-in animation triggered by a click (opacity: 100%). Once clicked, the modal containing a CMS image and content is displayed.

Given the potential for a variety of animations and effects, I’m leaning towards using animated modals over a CMS collection page. However, I have some concerns about bloating.

Are modals a smart choice, if each modal has around 3 – 5 images, with a collection list of a around 12 items?

I appreciate any insights or advice you can provide on this matter.

Thank you!