Loading Animation Affecting Links?

Hey y’all!

A few months ago, I built my site based on a template I purchased. I’ve had a consistent issue since the beginning which I thought I had solved. Alas, here we are.

Basically, in the preview function, my pages loads fine. Links are all clickable, and more importantly the forms are able to be filled out. However, once I publish, I’m unable to click on my links throughout my site, aside from the Nav Menu.

I’m under the impression that it’s a problem with the animations/interactions on the page load. I was able to swap the order of the Nav Menu and the Loading Animation on the side bar, which worked previously, but now that quick fix isn’t working either. I could delete the animations, but I’d really like a fix if there is one.

Could someone take a look and let me know what they think the issue could be?


I should note that this is the template I purchased: Sectra - Restaurant HTML5 Responsive Website Template

Hi @Molly_Spratt,

Welcome to the forum! Would you be able to try changing the position of your Menu element to ‘absolute’ from ‘fixed’?

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