Loading a threejs sketch from github

Hi, I want to import a couple of threejs sketches hosted on github… this is my website www.ujjwalagarwal.com and am trying to build it completely in webflow…
Know how I can get started? There are a bunch of files on github from ‘parcel’ - my web pack alternative…

github project: https://github.com/kala0606/kala.bioV1

your repository is private. however, https://stacket.app allows you to do excatly that.

Hey I have made the git repo public… also connected stacket… still dont know the next steps… sorry I am not good at front end development… hence trying to use webflow…
I basically need this code to work on my home page :

<div id="container"></div>
 <script src="/app.c328ef1a.js"></script>
 <div id="back"></div>
 <script src="/appback.f471d949.js"></script>

These scripts rely on a sound file and some 3d models… do i need to update the path for those assets? This is all in the github repo…

Your help is hugely appreciated

So I tried using JS delivr… i am able to load the js files all right. but the assets are not trowing a 404… do i need to update their paths somewhere?

Your site is not even a Webflow Site. I am confused!

Sorry here it is https://kalas-bio.webflow.io/
If you see the console it gives me 404 for various images and assets… don’t know how to proceed

Couze / means on top of your site that you see on your URL bar. Webflow.io does not allows any fileupload so you need to specify the end domain name with it so for example

https:// ujjwalagarwal.com/sound.63cda73b.mp3

which already works.

I made a tutorial on how to upload interactive 3D to Webflow, using Polygonjs (which is based on threejs):


This would allow you to create your 3D experiences without any coding, if that helps.

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