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Loader Interaction & Portfolio Design

Hey guys!

Had a bit of fun tonight playing around with loading interactions & smooth scroll js. The design overall is nothing special, it’s super blocky, but I think it feels pretty smoooooth regardless. I used some little ‘tricks’ like hiding content during that loading phase so users can’t scroll, which is something my work has been lacking, will have to implement from now.

Hoping to put some client work aside and really build out something cool with some more advanced custom code and webflow chains.


I’ve been working on my updated portfolio, still a bit to go, but take a peek if interested :slight_smile:

Very nice! How did you get the smooth scrolling? I’ve been looking up a couple different things, but haven’t found a straight forward answer.

Super easy!

Just paste this into your custom code and play with the animationTime

/* Smooth Scrolls*/
window.SmoothScrollOptions = { animationTime: 1800 }

<script async src="" integrity="sha256-Yut1YAlvRzggjdRiTu+X56CcayNzkjwk3p34ZZL0WHk=" crossorigin="anonymous"></script>

Let me know how it goes

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First straight forward answer I’ve seen! It works great! You’re the man! I appreciate the help!

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