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Loaded all Google Fonts and they wont show

I created my website and I loaded all the fonts from Google supplied by Webflow into my website.
I went in to my website and all the fonts are listed that I installed however when I apply them to Text or Paragraph they almost all look the same as though they are not fully loaded into the site or something. Any ideas as how to fix it.

This might be an obvious question but have you tried publishing the site yet?

Not yet I need to work on it and edit the site. It would be great if the fonts were active when I do that.

You’re right. I just tested this by adding a font and going into the Designer. I can see the font change just by hovering over it.

Which font are you trying to add? Have you tried removing it and adding it again?

It still doesn’t work iv installed every Google font on my page through Webflow any other recommendations