Load the page only after checking the Referring URL


This is what I am trying to achieve.

A - User visits a landing page which introduces Premium content. (created in Webflow. Read-only Link below)
B - User clicks on the Buy button and goes to a payment gateway,
C - Upon successful payment, the gateway redirects the user to another page in Webflow that has the premium content.

What I need your help with.
I want to C to load only if the referrer is B. Else send the user back to A.
In other words, if someone lands on Page C directly, I don’t want to them to see the premium content.

I researched a bit and found this useful link in Stack Overflow. I understand this is not foolproof but this works for me.

Now how do I achieve this within Webflow.
Appreciate all help.

Here is the link to landing page.


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Hi @kkirank, good to see you on the forum again! :slight_smile:

My recommendation would be to use MemberStack, they have all the permissions etc set up so you don’t have to mess with any code:

I’m sure if you have any difficulties you could reach out to @DuncanHamra directly, he’s always super helpful :slight_smile:

Hope that helps! :wave:t2:


Thanks, @asksj!

Hi @kkirank. You’ve described gated content in MemberStack almost exactly :sweat_smile:

We even have a feature that replaced links to C with links to B unless the user has an account. Better still, MemberStack remembers what page the user was trying to view, and redirects them back after a successful purchase. Meaning, you can have dozens or hundreds of gated pages and MemberStack will manage all of the redirects for you :grin:

Btw - it’s possible to translate the MemberStack UI as well. Just contact me when you’re ready, or join our Slack group for more info: https://www.memberstack.io/community

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Excellent, I just joined the Slack :grin: don’t know how I missed that!

@asksj Thanks a ton for the quick response.
@DuncanHamra thanks for reaching out. I will surely explore MemberStack.

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