Live Webinar - Tuesday Dec 29 @ 10am PST

Tomorrow, I will be hosting another Webflow Webinar.

Topic: Designing for scalability and responsiveness

Responsive design is still confusing to some and it’s totally understandable. In this webinar, I’ll help explain the “(Cat) Box Model” and when to use pixels, percentages, or viewport height/width for measurements.

Hope to see you all there at 10am (PST) sharp!


Great topic @PixelGeek unfortunately I won’t be able to participate live; so, can i ask my questions now and maybe you can answer them in the video?

  1. VW and specially VH are really cool with divs but don’t understand their use with fonts. Actually what is the best unit for fonts for responsiveness?

  2. Background images.

  • One image vs many for each media query?
  • Image positioning that is best for responsiveness if width isn’t 100%? or is it better to p and prepare the images for 100% width?
  1. Why are the Dynamic columns locked for the other media queries? I’m able to get the right columns using percentages but why can’t we just choose the column number just like we can for columns?

  2. It would be nice if @Mat can write us a blog post about editing media queries and what we can change that will affect the element in that media query and what we can’t because it affects the whole element. like example removing a CSS class for the element…?!

  3. Why are some tablets displaying the desktop versions and some the mobile version instead of the tablet version? has to do with the device model or device resolution? And we can’t “please” all devices, right? and we shouldn’t? or you think otherwise?

  4. What’s the best way to get the mobile version to look awesome and yet practical, specially the landscape version?

Oh man, i have so many questions :see_no_evil:

Ok, last question:
7. Navbar and dropdowns. Dropdown menus are a pain in the CSS! Their width and alignment is troble in the desktop already and when i try to override them, there’s a bigger mess in the other media queries. What is the best way to have screen wide dropdown menus that remain withing the hamburger nav in the smaller media queries?

Thanks in advance!
Have a great webinar and an awesome New Year’s eve Nelson

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Great questions! I’ll definitely answer some of them in today’s webinar. If I don’t get to them all, expect a reply to this post :wink:


This goes for everyone else too! If you have a question that you would like answered in today’s Webinar, post it here!

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Hi, i have one question.

  1. This is happening in tablet design. I cant understand why. Its working with 100% but just wondering why setting : auto do that ?

Thank for you help !

@laftek @Anna_Kelian

Here is the recorded video:

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