Live user timer count

I am building a page for our Virtual Assistant’s company - What I am looking for is at the bottom of the page there to be a live timer counting how long the visitor has been on the page. The purpose of this is for a meaningful call to action.

You’ve spent (Live time count) on this page
A virtual assistant should have done that for you

Any help would be great! Thank you!

I found this forum which help me out a lot

The implemented this code to the pages body code:
    var sec = 0;
    function pad ( val ) { return val > 9 ? val : "0" + val; }
    setInterval( function(){
    }, 1000);

And then creating an embeded element with this:

<span id="minutes"></span> Min :<span id="seconds"></span> Sec

Hope this helps anyone in need :slight_smile: