Live Twitch stream - build an MVP from scratch - Webflow workflow and feedback!

As part of a 7 day Twitch/YouTube live-stream of building and launching a startup, I’ll be spending the next 8~ hours or so building out a site similar to NomadList, but for eCommerce instead.

In fact, I’m live right now:

Feel free to stop by and check-out my workflow, share some feedback/advice, or just simply say hello :slight_smile:

You can find out more about the 7-day stream on this lil’ website I bashed together on Day 1:

Disclaimer: the purpose of the stream is to have fun, share knowledge and get feedback - not sell a book or something like that. With that being said, I hope this post doesn’t come across as to spammy/self-promotion-y - apologies if that’s the case

Hi @CharlieCoppinger

Thanks for posting this, I missed it live with the time difference (UK)

I’ve shortened the title a little as you cover it in your post :slightly_smiling_face:

Absolutely no problem sharing the link here, it will be really beneficial for the community to see fellow users workflows and processes - and credit to you for doing it live too!

Feel free to post on this thread each day for a heads-up before you go live - and thanks again for the resource :slightly_smiling_face:

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Hey Stu, thank-you very much for shortening the post and allowing this thread to happen :slight_smile:

After quite a few deleted posts across various other sites, it’s great to have a friendly response for a change :wink:

We’ve (I’ve?) just gone live on Day 5, in which more Webflow building/workflow sharing will commence!

Feel free to stop by folks, and fire off with any questions or feedback you might have :slight_smile:


Hey folks - checking in for Day 5 of the livestream.

Today we’re going to be finishing off a key landing page we started building yesterday on Webflow :slight_smile:

Come join us if you feel like tagging along - we’d love to have you! :smiley:


We’re on Day, erh, Day 7+1 — slightly missed our launch deadline last night, but still gunning on to get it all finished and launched regardless :slight_smile:

You can check out some of the work we’ve done on Webflow so far here:

Also, we’re live right now, so feel free to swing by and say 'ello: