Live stream embed

Hi everyone.
Has someone embedded a live stream in his/her website? can you recommend what tool should I use for this and how to do it?

Thank you!

Hi @Naama

@PixelGeek might be able to advise here, he’s been livestreaming his personal site rebuild recently, using some multistream services.

Where will the main stream come from, Youtube/Twitch/other ?

Good question @StuM, not sure about the answer, my client will decide about this.

It depends on the service you’ll be using. If it’s youtube, you can just put the link to the live video in your video component.

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Hi @PixelGeek, what if it’s something like or

@Naama The URL should still work, like it does with YouTube. It makes you wait for the live stream to start before you see anything. it won’t activate the live stream until your specified time to go live ofcourse.

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o.k. it sounds quite easy… thank you guys for your help!