Live Shopping E-commerce

Hello, guys hope you’re doing well.
I have a client who wants a live shopping e-commerce website and i decided to use webflow to make it.

I think this topic will help others on how to do it and help me too, because i have multiple questions and i wish you guys could help me to understand all of them.

I’m thinking on how to do it and would be great if i had advices about the collections items.

My Questions :

  • The website must have a page for : Live Shopping (On live) - Past Lives (Replays) - Next Lives (Futur lives)

I decided to turn Replays into collection and next lives into collections too, but the issue i encoutered is how could i make the streaming page(live shopping), because it should take informations from the next live, … At first i thought the best way would be to create a static page that would be changed by the e-commerce owner everytime, and use some of the informations from the next live(collection list) to create it…

For example : We create a futur live on Septembre 20, when the date arrives we re-use a saved template and make the live on this page, by changing the buttons, links, texts etc (with the collection list)

I dunno what would be the best way to do it, may you guys help me if you’ve encoutered anything similar, because we can’t like migrate one collection item from another automaticly, we need to do it manually.

Yeah the main point is how to create this system, with next live, replays, and on stream page live…

Thank you guys !

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No one can help me ?