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Live Search For CMS Hashtag List (over 500) - WELP!

Hey folks,

I created a CMS list of 500+ hashtags that should be searchable via “live search” followed by @PixelGeek 's great tutorial here: How to Webflow: Instant, on-page search - Tutorial (2019) - YouTube

All I want is that people can search the whole list in my Webflow frontend and get the results displayed.

The live search works BUT the list only shows about 100 elements and currently is not capable to show the rest of them even if I search them (for example: search for #shopify or #content it won’t display even doe I have it in my collection list).

I spend a lot of work doing this and now I’m very much worried that there will be no way to make the database completely searchable. I tried pagination in the first place but that made it only worse (then only the visible elements are searched - eg. the top 10, which makes it useless).

Now, you geniuses and code champs, do you know any way to help out a fool like me to get this working? (open for workarounds and other things that come to your mind).

Thank you!

The staging of the published version (live):

My read-only link: