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Live CMS Wrapper

I’m not sure if this is even doable or if Webflow plans to offer a feature like this in the future, but I am creating an “Order Arrivals” screen, essentially what it does is wait for a new order to appear (for me, I use Ecwid because it is cheaper) and then it will appear as a CMS item and alert me with a “ding-dong” sound. I use Integromat to fetch new orders from Ecwid and create a CMS item in a collection I’ve named “Arrivals”. Then, I have the CMS wrapper appear on a page called Arrivals Beta.

My issue is that in order for the page to automatically display new content, I had to code for it to refresh the div block every 60 seconds. When this happens, the notification sound will play for each item individually, all at once. This creates an annoying clash of feedback from the noise and I only want to be notified once, not every time the div reloads. Is there any way to make the CMS wrapper live, as it will always display the latest data in the collection? If not, is there a third-party solution I could look into?

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