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Little Website for my Reddit Secret Santa giftee

If you don’t know what Reddit Secret Santa is, basically you get matched with two random people online that also signed up: one that you’ll receive from (you don’t know who they are) and one you’ll gift to. You put likes/dislikes/info that your matched “santa” can figure out what you like and decide what to get you. I’m an Elf, which means I’m supposed to go above the normal in giving my gift, but since I don’t have much extra in the way of money, I decided that I’d put extra effort into my gift instead. From reading their info, I found out my giftee already had an Instagram account set up for their cat with over 1k followers, so I thought I would make a website for him. I ended up with this (will be buying a domain and hosting for a year on another place before they get it).

It was my first project with Webflow; I decided to use it because I wanted to save a little time and was interested to see how it would work compared to just “hand-coding” it. Completely custom, no template used. I had to add some custom jQuery to get a few of the things working, but overall it was a pretty pleasant experience.

BTW, the referral link at the bottom is coming directly from where they already had it posted on their Instagram so it’s going to them not me.