Little issues while doing a webflow course

Hello Webflow,

I am a totally new user, and new to webdesign.
My goal is to learn how to build simple business website pages and do my own portfolio (graphic design / art direction).

I am following this online course.
Atlas: How to Build a One Page Business Website in Webflow

But 2-3 things are rather different from the tutorial and I don’t know if it will be a problem later on.

  1. My images turned grey?

  2. When I paste images and text in the canvas they don’t appear exactly how the guy do in the video.
    So my image seems to be going under any elements on the canvas (Div, Tabs etc…) they sort of disappear. Before I upload an image in the image block, the block is out of sight.
    And my text is placed on the total far left it is not being affected by the columns (as in the tutorial)

  3. How to avoid my canvas to move (scroll up and down) while I am copying elements into the Navigator?

Much thanks for the help!

Here is my public share link: Course: Atlas: How to Build a One Page Business Website in Webflow
(how to access public share link)

Hi @Okidoki,

I can’t replicate the issues you’re having, everything looks fine in the preview share link.

Since you posted 6 hours ago, did you make any improvements or found a fix? If so, please update.

Very nice website by the way.


Hey Naweed,

I am really discovering all that, i think I understood that the webflow software keep in memory some of the settings we use (colored background, classes). I was messing around first before starting the tutorial. So I think some of those previous «settings» interracted with the one in the tutorial.
But it seems going good so far.

Just the final one is still happening, when pasting an elements in the Navigator panel, it also affects makes the website which scrolls up and down depending on where i want to paste my new element. This is sort of anoying.

I will keep learning more and more…

Hey Victor,

Great to hear from you. Glad all is going well.

I think the scrolling up and down is normal. You should mention this in a new forum post in the feedback category so the developers can acknowledge it.

All the best,

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